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Toshiba 62HM84


Product Shot 1 The Cons:Defective Lamps (must be changed often). After warranty is expired it cost $300 a pop.

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Toshiba Advanced Light Engine (TALEN?) is proprietary light engine technology, designed and built by Toshiba, for Toshiba. TALEN? utilizes advanced optics, and the step-up TI? HD2+ DLP?, to create unparalleled picture quality.

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PixelPure? is a suite of 8 different digital video processing circuits that combine to create a consistently clearer, deeper and more accurate picture. PixelPure? is the key to Toshiba's fixed pixel picture quality; it is the processing that makes the picture.
TheaterFine? DFP Screen helps create crisp HD resolution with its super fine pitch screen. It also has an Anti-Glare Coating to reduce unwanted reflections from ambient room light, which helps increase contrast for deeper blacks.
High Output 120 Watt DC Lamp employs 2 user-friendly features. The first feature is a 120-Watt High Brightness mode for daytime use with ambient room light and 100-Watt mode for nighttime in a dark room, which also extends the lamp life. This Lamp also has a unique Instant Restart feature, allowing the TV to be turned on immediately after shutdown.

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    Defective Lamps (must be changed often). After warranty is expired it cost $300 a pop

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sb2007: #toshiba_62hm84 the tv itself is amazing, but the lamp can be quite fustrating. My experience with it...over two years (coming close to the two year mark) since i've gotten it...2 lamps have gone out. Luckily, they extended the warranty another year because they said that some lamps are defective...however, after the two year mark...i run the risk of paying $300 every 8-10 months for a new lamp. Jun 1, 07
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